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  1. The operator should understand the various parts of the exterior, pump and equipment. Read and understand the various instructions.
  2. The water pressure of the cooling water should be between 0.1 and 0.2 Mpa, and the water temperature should be ≤45 °C.
  3. The compressed air pressure is between 0.4 and 0.5 Mpa.
  4. Before starting the furnace, check the gas cylinder capacity of the maintenance gas to avoid the lack of gas filling and replace the gas cylinder.
  5. If there is any abnormality after starting the machine, it should be immediately swept or stopped to find the reason.
  6. Always check the amount of water returned in each part. Make sure that there is enough cooling water in each part.
  7. When the equipment is stopped, the gas in the furnace should be pumped. If it is not necessary for a long time, it should be filled with maintenance gas and the circulating water in the water cooling jacket of the equipment should be discharged.
  8. mechanical pump, Roots pump should be timed to change oil and oil, Roots pump oil cup must adhere to always have oil. When changing oil, the waste oil must be cleaned.
  9. When the dispersing pump is changing oil, if there is oxidation inside, the oxide layer inside the dispersing pump should be cleaned and then replaced with new oil.
  10. The purity of the maintenance gas to be charged should not be less than 99.99%.
  11. This equipment is not allowed to use flammable, explosive and corrosive gases as a maintenance atmosphere.
  12. The appearance and appearance of the equipment should be kept clean. The body wall of the scrubber should not be scrubbed with a rag with water and non-vacuum oil.
  13. The oil-water separator on the pneumatic three-piece of the pneumatic system should always be drained, and the vacuum dispersing pump oil should be written in the oil mister.
  14. The whole machine voltage of the equipment should be within the range of 350 to 420 V. The three phases are balanced.
  15. Regulatory, electric contact pressure gauges, thermocouples, etc. should always be coated with dispersing pump oil to form an oil film between the seat and the seat to avoid air leakage. The above parts and flange joints are not allowed to be sealed with a vacuum seal for a long time.