The general emergency treatment methods for vacuum furnaces are: North vacuum To answer your questions,

1 cooling water is abnormal

  1. Confirm that the heating power supply has stopped.
  2. If there is water leakage outside the furnace and the amount of cooling water is abnormal, emergency measures should be taken as soon as possible. If the amount of water can be guaranteed, please keep the vacuum. If emergency measures are not taken, keep the original condition and confirm that the equipment is cooled down.
  3. When the cooling water is abnormal, the equipment is in a stopped state, and the emergency cooling water is turned on immediately.
  4. When the high temperature (above 200 °C is considered high temperature), if the cooling water stops, if the water cannot be sent urgently, the water-cooled electrode, heat exchanger, vacuum chamber housing and each pump may be damaged.

2 stop of compressed air

  1. When the compressed air is abnormally alarmed, the equipment is in a stopped state, and should be returned to the spare compressor room as soon as possible to resume its work.
  2. If the compressed air is abnormally alarmed in the vacuum and the recovery takes a long time, the vacuum is terminated and the equipment is stopped.

3 sudden power outage

  1. When the power is cut off, if the water is cut off, the standby cooling water should be turned on immediately and the water source should be connected.
  2. If it can recover as soon as possible without heating, heating and cooling, restart the equipment and continue to operate if it takes a long time to keep the equipment as it is.
  3. If you are able to recover as soon as possible while heating and cooling, restart the device. If it takes a long time, keep it as it is, and let the device cool naturally.
  4. heating power down
  5. The water pressure is low. When the water pressure is lower than the lower limit of the water pressure alarm point, the pressure gauge alarms.
  6. Ground fault.
  7. Vacuum discharge, the connection between the water-cooled electrode joint and the heater must be firmly connected and insulated from the reflective screen.
  8. If the pressure in the furnace is 13.3-66.5Pa (this vacuum is prone to discharge). The power supply has failed, and the cause of the power failure can be considered as a discharge due to dielectric breakdown.

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