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The hydrogen brazing furnace has a furnace body, wherein the furnace body is provided with an inlet section, a heating section, a cooling section and an outlet section in order from the front to the rear, and the furnace body is provided with a mesh belt

Mainly used for stainless steel, oxygen-free copper, metallized ceramic materials under the protection of hydrogen oxygen-free brazing process. Widely used in electric vacuum, power electronics and machining industries.



Model Average temperature zone size(mm) The highest temperature(℃) Ultimate vacuum(Pa) Temperature uniformity(℃) Rate of pressure rise(Pa/h)
Loading capacity(Kg)
HB-23 Φ200*300 1300 10 ±7.5 ≤5 30
HB-34 Φ300*400 1300 10 ±7.5 ≤5 60
HB-46 Φ400*600 1300 10 ±7.5 ≤5 100
HB-610 Φ600*1000 1300 10 ±7.5 ≤5 200
HB-816 Φ800*1600 1300 10 ±7.5 ≤5 500
HB-820 Φ800*2000 1300 10 ±7.5 ≤5 800

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Product Features and Special Configuration

Product configuration

  • Low-pressure control device to meet special atmospheric process requirements (such as inhibiting the volatilization of alloying elements when working under vacuum).
  • Depending on the material process requirements, the high vacuum/medium vacuum configuration is freely selectable. (This item is user selectable)
  • The control of the equipment is automatic control throughout the whole process. Automatic and manual operation can achieve bumpless switching. The vacuum degree, temperature and heating power can be automatically recorded during the operation of the equipment, and the data in the production process can be viewed at any time. The device is controlled by a combination of a touch screen and a programmable controller (PLC) for easy and intuitive operation.
  • The main components of the control system are joint ventures such as Schneider, Siemens or ABB to minimize the failure rate.
  • The control system is equipped with alarm functions such as over-temperature, over-pressure and water-breaking. The system can automatically process according to the needs, which can reduce the damage to the equipment and ensure the safety of personnel.
  • The temperature control system uses Japan Island Power / UK Continental.
  • System integrated anti-hydrogen tempering device (can increase the safety of equipment and reduce the risk caused by unexpected conditions)

Technical features of equipment:

  • Insulation layer for the whole metal insulation screen, you can ensure the atmosphere of the cavity pure, to ensure that the material will not be contaminated;
  • In order to improve the efficiency and safety, integrated vacuum system, faster and safer to meet the job requirements;
  • The furnace with hydrogen pressure, hydrogen flow, temperature, pressure and pressure inside the furnace interlock function, with a high degree of safety protection and prevention. In case of unexpected conditions, the system will automatically fill with nitrogen to dilute the hydrogen concentration to a safe range;
  • With remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program updates and other functions;
  • It has two safety guarantee measures: pressure limiting venting and automatic deflation. The equipment is safe and reliable.
  • According to the needs of customers, meet the process requirements of different temperatures
  • High quality materials, mature manufacturing process, good equipment sealing
  • Internal (or external) cycle large vacuum hot pressing furnace power fan rapid cooling, greatly improve production efficiency
  • Temperature control adopts intelligent temperature controller, which can realize automatic control function of heating, constant temperature and temperature drop. It has process storage function, can store multiple different process curves, and has PID parameter self-calculation and power-down protection function.
  • The whole process control is completed by the programmable logic controller (PLC). All actions are interlocked and can be selected either manually or automatically. It is equipped with reliable alarm and protection measures.
  • The atmosphere may be HN3 (ammonia decomposition gas) or nitrogen + hydrogen mixture. The equipment is equipped with a hydrogen-nitrogen gas distribution system, which can adjust the ratio of hydrogen vacuum hot press furnace to nitrogen according to user needs.
  • Provide various specifications of equipment according to different needs of users.

Optional configuration:

  • Loading method: vertical / horizontal;
  • Temperature selection: 900 ℃ / 1300 ℃;
  • Furnace: all-carbon steel/ inner stainless steel / all stainless steel;
  • Vacuum pump: foreign brand / Chinese brand;
  • Operation panel: touch screen / industrial computer;
  • Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM;



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