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It is suitable for modern equipment for metal heat treatment under the principle of medium frequency induction heating under hydrogen. This product heating is a kind of static and constant frequency conversion device, which converts 50H three-phase power frequency electric energy into single-phase intermediate frequency electric energy. This series of equipment applies the principle of electromagnetic induction. Under the protective gas environment, the workpiece is placed in an alternating magnetic field, which generates eddy current loss and generates heat, which meets the requirements of heating such as sintering and heat transfer. This heating method has the advantages of fast heating, less burning loss and low labor intensity, which can ensure product quality.



HS series hydrogen sintering furnace is mainly used in the sintering process of hydrogen protection under various metal materials (such as titanium, stainless steel, oxygen-free copper, metallized ceramic materials) and non-metal materials. The temperature is mainly divided into several furnace types such as 1500 ° C and below, 2000 ° C and below, 2400 ° C and below. For special industries and materials, it can also be designed as a vacuum hydrogen dual-purpose vacuum sintering furnace.

Model Average temperature zone size(mm) The highest temperature(℃) Ultimate vacuum(Pa) Temperature uniformity(℃) Rate of pressure rise(Pa/h)
Loading capacity(Kg)
HS-23 Φ200*300 1600 10 ±7.5 ≤5 30
HS-34 Φ300*400 1600 10 ±7.5 ≤5 60
HS-46 Φ400*600 1600 10 ±7.5 ≤5 100
HS-610 Φ600*1000 1600 10 ±7.5 ≤5 200
HS-816 Φ800*1600 1600 10 ±7.5 ≤5 500
HS-820 Φ800*2000 1600 10 ±7.5 ≤5 800

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Product Features and Special Configuration

Mainly used for ceramic metallization, powder metallurgy injection molding and compression molding products sintering process. Widely used in electric vacuum, medical (dental orthodontics), transparent alumina ceramics, powder metallurgy and other industries.

Advantages of hydrogen sintering furnace
  • The heating of the workpiece in hydrogen is higher than that in vacuum, and there is a certain pressure in the furnace. When heated at high temperature, the material does not evaporate. In the brazing, the fluidity of the solder is good, and the welding quality is easy to ensure. The furnace always maintains the circulation of hydrogen gas, and can continuously take away the evaporating materials generated during heating to protect the furnace and the workpiece. The hydrogen has good reducibility and high diffusion rate at the high temperature, so in addition to protecting the workpiece, It can achieve the purpose of degassing and surface purification. Due to its many advantages, hydrogen atmosphere atmosphere resistance furnace has been successfully applied to non-oxidation and non-decarburization heat treatment of ferrous metals and some non-ferrous materials.

Performance advantage

  • The equipment consists of a furnace body, a vacuum system, an electric control system, a vacuum control system, an intermediate frequency heating system, an aeration system, and a water cooling system. The device is a heat treatment device using medium frequency induction heating. The inside of the furnace body is provided with a spiral tube coil. When the coil is connected with an intermediate frequency current, an alternating magnetic field is generated. The metal charge induces an electric potential under the action of a magnetic field to generate a toroidal current. This current concentrates on the outer layer of the metal charge under the action of its own magnetic field, so that the outer metal charge has a high current density, thereby generating a concentrated and powerful The thermal effect has caused the metal to be heated to produce a high temperature of up to 2400 °C.

Equipment technical characteristics

  • According to the user’s needs, the vertical or horizontal structure can be designed, the maximum temperature can reach 2400 °C; according to the highest temperature range, the heating element can be selected from molybdenum, molybdenum wire, tungsten wire or tungsten mesh, and the insulation layer is all-metal reflective screen structure, which can guarantee The purity of the atmosphere inside the chamber; in order to improve efficiency, the integrated vacuum device can meet the working requirements faster and safer; the furnace has interlocking functions of hydrogen pressure, hydrogen flow, temperature, pressure, water pressure, vacuum, etc., and is highly safe. Protection and protection features. In case of accident, the system is automatically filled with nitrogen to dilute the hydrogen concentration to a safe range; with remote operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program update; low temperature and high temperature automatic conversion, thermocouple structure has obtained national utility model patent, equipment stability Sex is safer.

Optional configuration

  1. Loading method: vertical / horizontal
  2. Temperature options: 1300 ℃ / 1600 ℃ / 2000 ℃ / 2400 ℃
  3. Temperature measuring device: thermocouple (K, S) / thermocouple plus infrared thermometer / thermocouple (K) heating even (tungsten rhenium 526)
  4. Furnace: all-carbon steel / inner stainless steel / all stainless steel
  5. Vacuum pump: foreign brands / Chinese brands
  6. Operation panel: touch screen / industrial computer
  7. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM



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