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Mainly used in stainless steel and iron-based powder metallurgy injection molding (MIM), hard alloy, high temperature alloys, high specific gravity alloys, cermets, magnetic materials, carbides, borides, oxides, intermetallic compounds, oxides before sintering Vacuum or carrier degreasing (wax).

Configure rapid cooling system, improve product quality, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency. Dedicated skim seal furnace gall and grease catcher to reduce the furnace wall, heat shield and heating body pollution, degreasing and fat collection more effective, dedicated seal furnace gall is conducive to improving the uniformity of the furnace. Directional air degreasing, enhanced degreasing effect, degreasing more thoroughly.



Model Average temperature zone size(mm) The highest temperature(℃) Ultimate vacuum(Pa) Temperature uniformity(℃) Rate of pressure rise(Pa/h)
Heating power (KVA) Loading capacity(Kg)
VD-335 300*300*500 950 5*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 80 75
VD-446 400*400*600 950 5*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 100 150
VD-558 500*500*800 950 5*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 120 250
VD-669 600*600*900 950 5*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 140 300
VD-6611 600*600*1100 950 5*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 160 400
VD-7712 700*700*1200 950 5*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 180 600

(We can customize your own vacuum sintering furnace according to your special needs)


Professional team, complete after-sales service, from installation to commissioning to equipment to enable normal production, guarantee after-sales service, provide you with professional technical rescue, quick repair problems, vacuum furnace preventive maintenance, furnace upgrade and on-site training to ensure you The rights to solve the vacuum furnace problem for you.
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Product Features and Special Configuration

Product Features and Special Configuration:

  • Efficient vacuum dewaxing / degreasing device, can effectively avoid contamination of the vacuum pump. This technology, our company has declared and adopted a utility model patents.
  • Heating chamber equipped with a special seal furnace, to the greatest extent possible to avoid lipid on the furnace wall and heating chamber insulation material pollution.
  • Special materials technology can be attached to low-temperature convection heating device. (This is user-selectable)
    low-voltage control device to meet the special atmosphere process requirements (such as inhibiting the volatilization of alloying elements).
  • According to the requirements of material technology, high vacuum / medium vacuum configuration is free to choose. (This is user-selectable)
  • The equipment is controlled by the whole automatic control, automatic and manual operation can be undisturbed switch, the operation of the equipment vacuum, temperature and heating power can be automatically recorded, you can always view the data in the production process.
  • Device by the touch screen and programmable logic controller (PLC) combination of control, easy to operate and intuitive.
  • Control system main components are Schneider, Siemens or ABB and other joint-venture products, to minimize the failure rate.
  • The control system is equipped with alarm functions such as overtemperature, overpressure and water cutoff. The system can automatically handle it according to the needs, which can reduce the damage to equipment and ensure the safety of personnel.
  • Temperature control system using Japan’s Island Power / British Continental.

Hydrogen annealing furnace features

  • The control adopts two types of automatic control and manual control;
  • Maximum temperature up to 1600 ° C
  • Automatic temperature control accuracy ± 1 ° C;
  • Temperature uniformity can be achieved from ±3 °C to ±10 °C, proposed by the user (depending on the special design and configuration).
  • Automatic temperature control selects the segmentation program temperature controller, and the device stores several programs, which can be heated according to the process curve to meet various process requirements;
  • Temperature control instruments can be selected according to various types of temperature controllers;
  • Heating uses magnetic transformer + transformer + power regulator to reduce pollution to the power grid;
  • The hydraulic system is equipped with excellent configuration, stable lifting, no leakage, low noise;
  • Water and air pressure have pressure control, alarm sound and light display, and can realize flow alarm according to user requirements;
  • The equipment is equipped with a paperless recorder that records and stores usage within one month;



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