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VD Vacuum degreasing furnace

  • The sintering furnace adopts special hot zone structure and heating element design to ensure good temperature uniformity.
  • Using a specially designed dewaxing device, sealed well, removable, which can effectively prevent the internal components of pollution;
  • Equipped with vacuum degreasing, micro-negative pressure degreasing and micro-positive pressure degreasing function;
  • The furnace with temperature, pressure, water pressure, vacuum and other interlocking features, with a high degree of safety protection and preventionfunctions;
  • With remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program updates and other functions;


Model Average temperature zone size(mm) The highest temperature(℃) Ultimate vacuum(Pa) Temperature uniformity(℃) Rate of pressure rise(Pa/h)
Loading capacity(Kg)
VD-335 300*300*500 950 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 75
VD-446 400*400*600 950 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 150
VD-558 500*500*800 950 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 250
VD-669 600*600*900 950 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 300
VD-6611 600*600*1100 950 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 400
VD-7712 700*700*1200 950 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 600

(We can customize your own vacuum sintering furnace according to your special needs)

Optional configuration

  • Furnace: full carbon steel/inner stainless steel/full stainless steel;
  • Operation panel: touch screen / industrial computer;
  • The degree of vacuum can be selected 0*10-1or 2*10-3Pa;
  • Vacuum pump: foreign brand / Chinese brand;
  • Temperature Controller:SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM
  • Heating material: molybdenum / isostatic graphite


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Vacuum system

(1) The vacuum system is mainly composed of a two-stage water ring vacuum pump 2SK-3P and a rotary vane pump 2X-70. A filter is installed on the vacuum pipe to filter out impurities in the gas to ensure the ultimate vacuum. The selection of the pump is relatively large, so as to shorten the vacuuming time. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned.
(2) In order to improve the degree of automation, the valves normally operated on the vacuum pipelines all adopt pneumatic vacuum valves (user-supplied air compressors, rated pressure 0.4-0.6 MPa), requiring simple and convenient operation and high reliability.
(3) All vacuum pipes are galvanized to reduce material venting rate and improve system vacuum performance. (4) The installation position of all instruments must be easy to observe.

Inflatable system

(1) The vacuum degreasing furnace is equipped with a nitrogen charging device, and a glass rotameter is disposed to adjust the gas flow rate.
(2) After completing the complete production process, rapid cooling can be achieved by charging with nitrogen and passing through a rapid cycle cooling device.
(3) The electric contact pressure vacuum gauge is installed on the furnace body to display the pressure inside the furnace, and the intake valve can be automatically closed when the set pressure is reached. At the same time, it is equipped with a safety explosion-proof valve. When over-pressure is applied, it can automatically relieve pressure to ensure safe operation of the system.
(4) The pressure gauge of the vacuum degreasing furnace is selected from the precision pressure vacuum gauge with a range of -0.1~0.15Mpa.

Furnace structure

(1) The furnace body is a horizontal single-chamber water-cooled jacket structure, the furnace door adopts a sandwich water-cooling sleeve structure, and the outer layer is an ordinary steel plate.
The inner layer is SUS304 stainless steel plate, and the flanges at both ends are respectively welded to the cylinder body and the cover of the furnace cover, and the double-opening door structure is adopted, which is convenient for loading and unloading.
(2) The furnace is composed of stainless steel, high-temperature fiber composite heat insulation screen, Ni-Cr heating element and inner stainless steel corrugated degreasing sealing chamber from the outside to the inside.
(3) The furnace heat insulation door is installed in the furnace doors at both ends. When the furnace door is closed, the inner heat insulation door seals both ends of the degreased sealing chamber to prevent heat dissipation in the furnace.
(4) The heating element is connected to the outside through the water-cooled electrode.

Vacuum degreasing furnace use

VD series vacuum degreasing furnace is mainly used for thermal degreasing of ceramic injection molded parts (MIM) of metal and non-metal materials such as stainless steel (nickel), iron base, titanium, alloy steel and high speed steel. Widely used in medical device parts (dental orthodontic products, live sampling pliers, etc.), mobile phone accessories (metal decorative shell, metal navigation keys, Cato, buttons, buckles, shafts, mobile phone vibrators, etc.), computer accessories and hardware processing And manufacturing.



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