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DS series of vacuum degreasing sintering furnace is mainly used for stainless steel (nickel), iron-based, titanium alloy, alloy steel, high-speed steel and other metal and ceramic injection molding parts (MIM) degreasing sintering process.In the same furnace to achieve degreasing and sintering of two production processes, can shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, increase the yield.Widely used in medical device components (dental orthodontic products, live sampling forceps, etc.), mobile phone parts (metal decorative shell, metal navigation keys, Cato, buttons, buckles, shafts, cell phone vibrators, etc.) , computer parts and hardware processing and manufacturing.



Model Average temperature zone size(mm) The highest temperature(℃) Ultimate vacuum(Pa) Temperature uniformity(℃) Rate of pressure rise(Pa/h)
Loading capacity(Kg)
VDS223 200*200*300 1600 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 30
VDS335 300*300*500 1600 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 80
VDS446 400*400*600 1600 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.5 200
VDS4410 400*400*1000 1600 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.4 350
VDS4415 400*400*1500 1600 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.4 500
VDS5512 500*500*1200 1600 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.4 700
VDS5515 500*500*1500 1600 3.0*10-1 ±5 ≤0.4 1000

(We can customize your own vacuum sintering furnace according to your special needs)


Professional team, complete after-sales service, from installation to commissioning to equipment to enable normal production, guarantee after-sales service, provide you with professional technical rescue, quick repair problems, vacuum furnace preventive maintenance, furnace upgrade and on-site training to ensure you The rights to solve the vacuum furnace problem for you.
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Product Features and Special Configuration

Mainly used in stainless steel base, hard alloy, high temperature alloy, high specific gravity alloy, cermet, magnetic material, carbide, boride, oxide, intermetallic compound, vacuum before vacuum sintering or carrier gas degreasing (wax) High temperature sintering. Our company can also order vacuum or carrier gas degreasing (wax) vacuum degreasing furnaces for materials.

Uniform heating, reliable insulation and temperature measurement:

  • Reasonable heating structure, excellent material, to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature under vacuum.
  • Adopt brand temperature measuring components to accurately measure temperature.

Superior degreasing effect:

  • Degreasing sealed furnace and fat trap, no internal furnace wall, heat shield and heating body pollution, degreasing and grease collection is more effective, sealing furnace is conducive to improve furnace temperature uniformity.
  • Directional airflow degreasing, enhanced degreasing effect, no dead fat in the furnace, and more complete degreasing.
  • The pressure control in the furnace realizes micro-negative and constant-pressure sintering, inhibits metal volatilization, and improves product compactness and quality.

Thorough steam cleaning system:

  • Equipped with a unique vapor clearing system to eliminate grease troubles.

Advanced automatic control and reliable safety interlock:

  • It adopts computer to realize automatic control of temperature and action process, PLC realizes safety interlocking, and has sound and light alarm and interlocking work ability such as overpressure, over-temperature and high temperature.

Fast cooling system to increase production efficiency:

  • Equipped with an internal circulation rapid cooling device, the high-efficiency heat transfer technology blows the workpiece in multiple directions, and the cooling is fast and uniform.
  • Compared with the external circulating rapid cooling device, it has the advantages of small footprint, small area, high starting temperature and fast vacuum pumping speed.

Equipment technical characteristics:

  • The sintering furnace adopts special hot zone structure and heating element design to ensure good temperature uniformity.
  • Using a specially designed dewaxing device, sealed well, removable, which can effectively prevent the internal components of pollution;
  • Equipped with vacuum sintering, micro positive pressure sintering, partial pressure sintering, micro-vacuum degreasing and micro-positive pressure degreasing function;
  • The furnace with temperature, pressure, water pressure, vacuum and other interlocking features, with a high degree of safety protection and prevention functions;
  • With remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program updates and other functions;

Optional configuration

  1. Furnace: full carbon steel/inner stainless steel/full stainless steel;
  2. Vacuum pump: foreign brand / Chinese brand;
  3. Operation panel: touch screen / industrial computer;
  4. Temperature Controller:SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM
  5. The degree of vacuum can be selected 0*10-1 or 2*10-3Pa;
  6. Heating material: molybdenum / isostatic graphite
  7. Efficient vacuum dewaxing / degreasing device; can effectively avoid contamination of the vacuum pump;
  8. A special sealing furnace is arranged in the heating chamber to minimize the contamination of the heating chamber by the grease; and an internal/external circulation rapid cooling system;
  9. Cooling mode selection (vertical cooling in the vertical direction, circumferential nozzle cooling) Special material process can be accompanied by low temperature convection heating device;
  10. Low-pressure control device to meet special atmospheric process requirements (such as inhibiting the volatilization of alloying elements); according to material process requirements, high vacuum/medium vacuum configuration can be freely selected;
  11. Three sets of independent heating devices are arranged, and three sets of independent automatic temperature control can ensure the temperature uniformity in the heating chamber;



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