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Solvent degreasing equipment

Product introduction:
It is mainly used in the degreasing (wax) process before sintering of stainless steel-based and iron-based powder metallurgy injection molding (MIM) products. Directional airflow degreasing, enhanced degreasing effect, and more thorough degreasing.

working principle:
Solid-liquid extraction, also called leaching, separating components in a solid mixture with a solvent, such as leaching sugar from sugar beet with dichloro water; digesting soybean oil from soybeans with alcohol to increase oil yield; using water from traditional Chinese medicine Leaching the active ingredient to make a flow extract is called “leaching” or “leaching”. The compound is transferred from one solvent to another by utilizing the difference in solubility or partition coefficient of the compound in two mutually incompatible (or slightly soluble) solvents.

Equipment advantages:
1. Resolving the solution after solvent degreasing and extracting the clean and pure organic solvent by using the principle of distillation;
2. Use different working slots (solvent degreasing tank, distillation tank, reserve tank) to achieve two purposes:
Objective 1: The organic solvent used in the solvent degreasing tank reaches 100% purity. Distillation avoids the dilute distillation recovery of the old solvent degreasing equipment, avoids the disadvantage of the organic solvent being impure when the solvent is degreased, and improves the quality of the degreasing efficiency.
Objective 2: Continuous degreasing, high degreasing efficiency, reduced distillation recovery time, solvent degreasing tank can be directly degreased after the last degreasing, the equipment utilization efficiency is high.

3. The solvent degreasing tank and the distillation tank use water as the heating medium, and the hot solution greatly controls the temperature, thereby reducing the risk of burning and burning due to excessive heating;
4. According to years of experience, the degree of automation is high, and the automation operation is basically realized;
5. The principle of distillation and recovery is reasonable, the recovery efficiency is high, the waste of organic solvent is reduced, and it is scientific and environmentally friendly;
Summary: high degreasing rate, 100% purity of recycling and solvent use, high equipment utilization rate, safety and environmental protection.
The main technical parameters:
1. Dissolved tank storage: 250 liters or 500 liters
2, dissolved box loading: 250 * 300 * 300 baskets 5 or 10 each time
3. Material delivery method:
The upper cover rises together with the rack, and the hydraulic forklift is taken out at one time.
4, storage tank storage capacity: 1000 liters
5, distillation tank storage capacity: 1000 liters
6, dissolved distillation tank heating method: five-sided water bath heating, the highest temperature 70 ° C
7. Main body material: high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel (316L)
8, diaphragm pump flow: 50 l / min, two
9, solvent separation method: copper condenser distillation condensation (factory 4 degrees condensate access)
10. Operation interface: touch screen operation
Technical characteristics:
The equipment adopts special furnace structure and heater arrangement, and the furnace temperature uniformity is good.
The special structure degreasing box has good sealing effect, complete degreasing, and no pollution to the components in the furnace.
It has flexible vacuuming, vacuum sintering, micro-positive pressure sintering, partial pressure sintering, negative pressure degreasing, TOWAC degreasing, micro-pressure degreasing and other functions;
Using advanced insulation structure and materials, the furnace has good thermal insulation performance and less heat storage, which is more than 20% energy saving than traditional design.
It adopts touch screen operation, PLC centralized control, simple operation and high reliability.
It has fault alarms such as over-temperature and over-pressure, mechanical automatic pressure protection, action interlocking and other functions, and the equipment has high safety.
Features remote operation, remote troubleshooting and remote software upgrades.