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Vacuum degreasing furnace


This equipment is suitable for tungsten, molybdenum and its alloys, hard alloys, high specific gravity alloys, stainless steel and ceramic powder products.Degreasing production process.

Structure introduction

The equipment consists of furnace body, vacuum system, aeration system, degreasing system, external circulation cooling system and electrical control system.

Furnace body

The furnace body is a horizontal single-chamber water-cooled jacket structure. The furnace door adopts a sandwich water-cooled jacket structure, the outer layer is an ordinary steel plate, and the inner layer is a SUS304 stainless steel plate. The flanges at both ends are respectively welded to the cylinder body and the furnace cover, and the double door is used. Structure, easy to load and unload.

The furnace is composed of stainless steel, high-temperature fiber composite heat shield, Ni-Cr heating element and inner stainless steel corrugated degreasing sealing chamber from the outside to the inside.

The furnace heat insulation door is arranged in the furnace door at both ends. When the furnace door is closed, the inner heat insulation door seals both ends of the degreased sealing chamber to prevent heat dissipation in the furnace.

The heating element is connected to the outside through a water-cooled electrode.

The inner degreasing sealing chamber is made of SUS310S stainless steel with a thickness of 4mm into a corrugated cylinder. The outer surface of the corrugated cylinder is equipped with a plurality of SUS310S angle steel reinforcing ribs to improve the deformation resistance. The inner degreasing seal chamber uses an ovality of less than 5mm within one year.

Vacuum system

The vacuum system is mainly composed of a two-stage water ring vacuum pump 2SK-3P and a rotary vane pump 2X-70. A filter is installed on the vacuum pipe to filter out impurities in the gas to ensure the ultimate vacuum. The selection of the pump is relatively large, so as to shorten the vacuuming time. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned.

In order to improve the degree of automation, the valves normally operated on the vacuum line are pneumatic vacuum valves (user-supplied air compressors, rated pressure 0.4 to 0.6 MPa), requiring simple and convenient operation and high reliability.

All vacuum lines are galvanized to reduce material bleed rate and improve system vacuum performance.

All instrument installation locations must be easy to observe.

Inflatable system

The vacuum degreasing furnace is equipped with a nitrogen charging device and is equipped with a glass rotor flow meter to adjust the gas flow rate.

After completing the complete production process, rapid cooling can be achieved by charging with nitrogen and passing through a rapid cycle cooling unit.

An electric contact pressure vacuum gauge is placed on the furnace body to display the pressure in the furnace, and the intake valve can be automatically closed when the set pressure is reached. At the same time, it is equipped with a safety explosion-proof valve. When over-pressure is applied, it can automatically relieve pressure to ensure safe operation of the system.

The pressure gauges for the selection and distribution of the vacuum degreasing furnaces are all selected from the precision pressure vacuum gauges with a range of -0.1 to 0.15Mpa.

External circulation cooling system

The system is equipped with an external circulation rapid cooling device to accelerate the cooling rate in the low temperature section.

The external circulation cooling system is a condenser and a fan which are filled with nitrogen into the furnace, flow to the outside of the furnace through the front of the furnace body, and finally the heat energy is returned to the rear of the furnace body, and then enters the next cycle, thus repeatedly achieving the furnace interior. Cool down.

The fan used in the circulating cooling system is a centrifugal fan with a fully sealed structure. Due to the fully sealed structure, the vacuum leakage caused by the dynamic sealing of the motor is avoided. The circulating cooling system is equipped with an electrical contact pressure vacuum gauge that prevents the motor from starting at a low voltage.

The quick cooling device is equipped with a cooling speed adjusting device, which realizes the cooling speed required by different production processes by adjusting the valve.

Electrical control and inspection system

Heating temperature control system

This equipment uses three K-number thermocouples to perform three-point temperature measurement in the longitudinal direction of the furnace.

In order to improve the reliability of the system and have excellent PID function, the temperature control instrument of this equipment adopts the 400-segment programmable temperature control FP23 temperature controller manufactured by Japan Island Electric Co., Ltd., and is equipped with two sub-tables to realize the furnace. The three-zone independent temperature control mode of the same program has perfect control functions and high temperature control precision.

The high-power thyristor special inductive load phase shift trigger board and the low voltage furnace front transformer form a power regulator, and form a closed loop PID temperature control system with the thermocouple and the temperature controller.

The heating and temperature control system has over temperature, break, over current, over pressure, overload and cooling water shortage alarm and protection functions to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system. At the same time, it is equipped with a limited vacuum to start the heating function, that is, when the vacuum does not meet the requirements, the heating stops and alarms.

Exposed lead wires (or copper bars) and transformers in the electric heating section should be connected reliably and have insulation protection measures. Safety should be fully considered, and signs such as waterproof, anti-collision, and electric shock should be provided.

Vacuum control system

The vacuum system is measured and controlled by a resistance vacuum gauge, and the vacuum gauge is additionally configured by a McMan vacuum gauge.

The vacuum unit interlock automatic control function ensures that each vacuum pump can be reliably started under the required vacuum.

Degreasing system

The degreasing system consists of an internal degreasing sealed chamber, a grease storage tank, a two-stage water-cooled disc trap, and a two-stage 2SK-3P water ring vacuum pump. The degreasing pipe and the grease storage tank are double-layer jacketed water-cooled structure, and the inside and outside of the trap are double-layer jacketed water-cooling structure. The cooling water pipes are made of stainless steel quick connectors for easy disassembly.

Fat storage tank structure

The inner degreasing sealing chamber and the trap are degreased, and there is no inner furnace wall and heat shield to reduce the pollution of the heating body, so that the degreasing and collecting grease are more effective. Both traps are tilted for easy grease flow and cleaning.

The degreasing system outlet is located on the side of the furnace. An auxiliary heating device is added to the outside of the degreasing pipe to facilitate cleaning.

The degassing of the directional airflow in the furnace can greatly enhance the degreasing effect, and there is no dead angle in the furnace, and the degreasing is more complete.

The degreasing system is equipped with an electrical contact pressure vacuum gauge that detects the vacuum of the system.

The vacuum unit and the degreasing unit are equipped with a chassis and a cushion to reduce vibration on the ground.

The cooling water confluence tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel. All the cooling water valves are branded with Aimeco. All cooling water pipes must be used for more than one year without aging. There is a set of spare inlet and outlet pipes (with inlet valves) on the confluence tank. The cooling water inlet pipe must have a pressure gauge.