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The vacuum furnace is a very advanced and professional equipment. If you want to move the vacuum furnace to other places, you must have professional operation to minimize the damage to the vacuum furnace. We have the expertise to move your vacuum furnace to a new location and reach its pre-relocation status.

Ask for a diagnostic inspection
Ask for a diagnostic inspection

Project management

No surprises with timing and cost! A careful risk assessment ensures an operative installation or relocation, done on time, within budget, and with the level of quality you require.

Minimal downtime

Timeline hints with speed. Each step of the process has to be planned in order to optimize all the activities along with your deadlines.

Furnace upgrade

Turn your downtime into a more profitable uptime. Furnace relocations provides the opportunity to increase the level of efficiency and productivity of the unit.

Training on site

A professional installation provides expert technical assistance on your premises to ensure safe commissioning. It then helps your operators to work out new heat treating facilities.

It’s time to improve efficency, durability and energy savings

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Try a first class service
Try a first class service


On-site service requires reliable mastery and familiarity with the entire vacuum furnace system. Our services include: renovation and refurbishment of the heating chamber; overall maintenance, leak detection and calibration of the vacuum furnace; and temperature uniformity testing.

Fastest service

When the vacuum furnace fails, you can call us within 24 hours, we will analyze and solve the problem for you in time. If necessary, our service staff will arrive at the scene within 24 hours to troubleshoot as soon as possible and return the vacuum furnace to normal operation as quickly as possible.

remote Assistance

We provide timely and reasonable troubleshooting solutions. Our service personnel are fully trained in all aspects of the vacuum furnace and can quickly identify problems and propose solutions on the phone or on the web.

Spare parts supply

We have a very complete vacuum furnace commonly used for consumable and consumable spare parts. When your vacuum furnace needs to replace spare parts, we can arrange delivery within 12 hours.

Service attitude

Our after-sales service is all very experienced technical staff, their service is very professional, very good at communication, will certainly make you satisfied.




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