First, the oil

1, ready for special tools and paper towels placed in the vacuum pump position;

2. Close the main pump ball valve;

3. Place the waste oil drum under the vacuum pump discharge port, open the upper chamber drain switch, and remove the pump tail gas pipe;

4, blocking the strict exhaust port, slowly open the lower chamber to put the oil valve to slow the air intake and discharge speed, waste oil into the designated waste oil barrel;

5. Close the upper and lower chamber drain valves after the oil is released, and then disconnect the air switch in the corresponding control cabinet of the vacuum pump.

6. Hang the “Forbidden Operation” card on the control cabinet.


1. Make sure to close the main pump ball valve in place, otherwise it will cause the stove to inhale;

2. When the oil is drained, the pressure in the pump chamber should be regulated by the lower chamber oil drain valve to avoid excessive pressure in the pump chamber and the exhaust port is not closed tightly, resulting in diffusion of soot to the pump room;

3, after the release of oil, remember to close the upper and lower cavity drain valve to prevent oil leakage;

4, pay attention to the pump house when processing waste oil;

5, must disconnect the vacuum pump vacuum switch, to prevent others from inadvertently touch the vacuum pump open button, causing personal injury.

Second, the clear pump

1. Open the vacuum pump side cover with a wrench and place it in place;

2. Thoroughly clean the inside of the vacuum pump cavity and side cover with paper towels;

3, 70 pump under the oil filter network to use gasoline for cleaning;

4, after the cleaning is completed, first install the filter, after installing the side cover;


1, side cover in the opening, installation, careful operation, to prevent damage to the side cover and oil seal and oil leakage;

2,70 pump remember to install the filter, the injection pipe is aligned with the observation window conducive to view the working status of the vacuum pump;

3. It is forbidden to leave any paper scraps or other foreign materials inside the pump chamber, otherwise it will cause blockage of the oil circuit and cause the vacuum pump to jam;

4. Clean the vacuum pump’s waste into the designated trash.

Third, the oil

1. Open the vacuum pump filling port;

2. Put the filling funnel into the vacuum pump filling port;

3, with a suction gun to start oiling from the oil tank to the oil tank to 2/3, with the oil nozzle in the funnel, slowly pumping the vacuum pump;

4, observe the vacuum pump oil level to the oil level observation window 1/2 position;

5. Remove the funnel and move it to an appropriate location to prevent oil leakage. Open the pump-side oil pipeline valve to drain the oil to the lower chamber.

6. Install the exhaust pipe and cover the oil filling port;

7. Turn on the vacuum pump for 5 minutes and then close the oil line pipe valve on the pump side to see if the oil level is in the 1/3-1/2 position of the oil level observation window. If less than the lower limit repeat the above operation;


1. The refueling funnel is kept clean to prevent foreign matter from entering the pump chamber;

2. Pay attention to the drop of the fuel injection pipe and do not exceed the upper limit oil level to prevent fuel injection.

3. Remember to install the exhaust pipe and the oil filling port to prevent pumping or pumping of oil and gas in the pump room when the pump is opened;

4, pay attention to cleaning vacuum pump and surrounding health;

5. After the pump oil has been added, close the vacuum pump control button and remove the “Forbidden Operation” card.