Vacuum pump has multiple precautions in cleaning and replacing the national city. Shenyang North vacuum Xiaobian answers you one by one.

First, put oil

  1. Prepare special tools and paper towels in the vacuum pump position;
  2. Close the main pump ball valve;
  3. Place the waste oil drum under the vacuum pump drain port, open the upper chamber drain switch, and remove the pump tail gas pipe;
  4. block the exhaust port, slowly open the lower chamber oil drain valve to make it slow and slow to release the oil, the waste oil is poured into the designated waste oil drum;
  5. After the oil is drained, close the upper and lower chamber drain valves, and then disconnect the air switch in the corresponding control cabinet of the vacuum pump.
  6. Hang the “No Operation” card on the control cabinet.


  1. Confirm that the main pump ball valve is closed and closed, otherwise it will cause suction in the furnace;
  2.  When draining oil, the pumping pressure should be adjusted by the lower chamber to prevent the pressure in the pump chamber from being too large, and the exhaust port is not closed tightly, so that the oil smoke leaks to the pump room;
  3. After draining the oil, remember to close the oil drain valve of the upper and lower chambers to prevent oil leakage;
  4. Pay attention to the health of the pump house when handling waste oil;
  5. Be sure to disconnect the vacuum pump vacuum switch to prevent others from accidentally touching the vacuum pump to open the button, causing personal injury.

Second, clean pump

  1. Open the vacuum pump side cover with the wrench and place it in the proper position;
  2. Thoroughly clean the oil in the vacuum pump chamber and the side cover with a paper towel;
  3. 70 pump lower chamber oil filter net should be cleaned with gasoline;
  4. After cleaning, install the filter first, then install the side cover;


  1. The side cover should be carefully operated during opening and installation to prevent damage to the side cover and oil seal and oil leakage;
  2. The 70 pump remembers to install the filter screen, and the injection pipe is aligned with the observation window to facilitate viewing the working state of the vacuum pump;
  3. It is forbidden to leave paper scraps or other foreign objects in the pump cavity, otherwise the oil circuit will be blocked and the vacuum pump will be stuck;
  4. Clean the waste from the vacuum pump into the designated trash can.

Third, oil injection

  1. Open the vacuum pump oil filling port;
  2. Put the refueling funnel into the vacuum pump filling port;
  3. Fill the oil can from the oil drum with oil suction gun to 2/3, align the oil nozzle with the oil hopper, and slowly fill the vacuum pump with oil;
  4. Observe the oil level of the vacuum pump to the position of the oil level observation window 1/2;
  5. Remove the funnel, move it to the proper position to prevent oil leakage, and open the oil pipeline valve on the pump side to drain the oil to the lower chamber;
  6. Install the tail gas pipe and cover the oil filling port;
  7. After the vacuum pump is turned on for 5 minutes, close the oil pipeline valve on the pump side to see if the oil level is at the 1/3-1/2 position of the oil level observation window. Repeat the above operation if it is lower than the lower limit;


  1. The fueling funnel is kept clean to prevent foreign matter from entering the pump cavity;
  2. Pay attention to the oil filling pipe when filling the oil and do not exceed the upper limit oil level to prevent oil injection;
  3. Remember to install the exhaust pipe and the oil filling port to prevent the oil pump or oil and gas from polluting the pump room when the pump is turned on;
  4. Pay attention to cleaning the vacuum pump and surrounding sanitation;
  5. After the pump oil is added, turn off the vacuum pump control button, remove the “prohibited operation” card, and make a record.

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