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Advantages of vacuum furnace: Vacuum hot water industrial boiler is derived from the basic principle of vacuum boiler. A vacuum hot water boiler has been developed. This technology has quickly become popular in Europe and the United States and has become an epoch-making new product in the greenhouse culture.
Formally mass-produced vacuum hot water boilers, vacuum furnaces completely eliminate the oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the workpiece during heating, and obtain a clean surface without metamorphic layers. This is highly relevant for the improvement of the cutting performance of the tool that only grinds one side during sharpening (for example, the twisted surface of the grooved surface is directly exposed to the cutting edge after the twist drill is ground). The furnace temperature measurement and monitoring accuracy are significantly improved. The indicated value of the thermocouple and the furnace temperature reached ±1.5 °c. However, the temperature difference between different parts of the workpiece in the furnace is large. If the lean gas is used for forced circulation, it can still be controlled within the temperature range of ±5 °c. The degree of mechatronics is high. On the basis of improved temperature measurement and control accuracy, workpiece movement, air pressure adjustment, power adjustment, etc. can be pre-programmed, and quenching and tempering can be carried out according to the steps.
The energy consumption of the vacuum furnace is significantly lower than that of the salt bath furnace. The modern and advanced vacuum furnace heating chamber is made of high-quality insulation materials and insulation walls and barriers, which can concentrate the electric heating energy in the heating room, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. The so-called vacuum heat treatment, that is, the combination of vacuum technology and heat treatment, means that all and part of the heat treatment process is carried out under vacuum. China divides vacuum into low, medium, high and ultra-high vacuum. At present, the working vacuum of most vacuum heat treatment furnaces is 1.33~1.33×10ˉ3Pa.

Advantages of vacuum boiler: (1) Vacuum negative pressure operation, boiler that does not really explode, and has excellent safety. (2) The successful separation of the high temperature zone and high pressure zone of the steel plate of the boiler, the service life of the boiler is extended by 2-3 times and the designed service life is up to 30 years. (3) The overall design is scientific, reasonable and compact, saving 50-70% of the floor space. (4) Heat exchange in the boiler body, the efficiency of the whole machine is up to 91%, and 70-80 °C hot water can be provided within 2-3 minutes after startup, which greatly shortens the warm-up period and reduces energy waste. (5) Fully automatic control for intelligent, unmanned or remote network control. (6) Built-in stainless steel heat exchanger, no pollution to water quality. (7) Compared with the indirect type (boiler + external heat exchanger + circulating water pump + material + installation cost), the installation cost can be saved by 30-40% or more. (8) High efficiency, fast heating and good heat exchange, saving fuel costs by 20-30%.
The main parameters of the vacuum furnace: 1, the normal temperature limit vacuum: 0.0667Pa, 0.000667Pa2, furnace size: Φ80 ~ 320 × Φ150 ~ 400 (mm) and other specifications 3, the highest furnace temperature: 1000 ° C ~ 2000 ° C4, heating power :20~200kW vacuum furnace
Note: 1. The instrument housing must be effectively grounded to ensure safe use. 2. The instrument should be placed in a well ventilated room, and no flammable or explosive materials should be placed around it. 3. This instrument has no explosion-proof device and should not be placed in flammable or explosive materials. 4. The instrument should be cut off after the instrument is used. 5. Objects are strictly prohibited from hitting the machine.
Characteristics of the vacuum furnace: 1. Most of the vacuum furnaces work under negative pressure. The quenching gas used is also an inert gas, which will not cause an explosion phenomenon, which provides a great guarantee for the safety of the operators. 2. The steel plates in the heating chamber of the vacuum furnace are all made of heat-resistant steel sheets, and the heat resistance is much higher than the working limit temperature. The pressure of the steel plate used in the furnace body of the gas quenching furnace is also far greater than the working limit pressure, thus ensuring the safe use of the vacuum furnace and prolonging the service life of the vacuum furnace. The overall design of the vacuum furnace is relatively rational, and the space used is relatively compact. The oil pool of the oil quenching furnace is below the furnace body, which can effectively save production space. 4. The heating of the vacuum furnace is carried out in a certain confined space, and there is no contact with the outside, the heat can be applied to a large extent, the heat loss is reduced, and the uniformity of the furnace temperature is more easily realized and controllable; The cooling water in the water can be recycled, and there is no pollution to water resources during use. In short, it can save a lot of resources such as water and electricity. 5. The vacuum furnace can realize automatic operation and realize intelligent operation throughout the whole process. It can effectively save human resources and reduce the labor of the operator. 6. There are copper-copper heat exchangers in the furnace body, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the gas during gas quenching, and make the cooling effect more obvious. The heat exchanger itself has good air tightness and does not have direct contact with the furnace to prevent contamination of the water quality. With the development of mechanization in the direction of precision, vacuum furnaces have gained unprecedented opportunities for development. Understanding the characteristics of vacuum furnaces can more effectively know how to choose and provide a broader space for the development of their own businesses.