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Vacuum brazing means that the workpiece is heated in a vacuum chamber and is mainly used for welding high quality products and easily oxidizable materials. The vacuum brazing furnace includes a pressure vessel having a cylindrical side wall and a door that is sized and positioned to close one end of the cylindrical side wall. The workpiece handling system is mounted on the pressure vessel door to support the metal workpiece for heat treatment or brazing. The workpiece processing system includes means for rotating the workpiece during processing. The vacuum system can be attached to the workpiece such that the pressure inside the workpiece is below atmospheric pressure during the brazing process.
The vacuum brazing furnace is a large-scale heat treatment equipment capable of performing various processes such as vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, and vacuum aging. Can be programmed into a number of different procedures, can control and program hundreds of heat treatment curve points, temperature control in the upper, lower, left and right, front and rear six zones, multi-point and single-point temperature recorder and over-temperature protection device, uniform furnace temperature The property can be controlled within a constant temperature range, and is equipped with a high-purity nitrogen high-flow strong cooling device. The equipment has a large amount of furnace capacity and high efficiency, and does not require supplementary processing for complex parts and parts with special requirements.
Uses: Mainly used for vacuum brazing of aluminum products such as aluminum alloy heat exchangers, brazing of stainless steel, titanium alloy, hard alloy, high temperature alloy, non-ferrous metal and vacuum of high speed steel, tool steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, etc. Tempering, as well as aging and annealing of non-ferrous metals and vacuum brazing of stainless steel heat exchangers, oil coolers, stainless steel vacuum flasks.Vacuum brazing applications:
Aeroengine: aero-engine ring and honeycomb core are vacuum brazed; the engine fuel main pipe is composed of a main pipe and a plurality of branch pipes and nozzles for vacuum brazing; the engine stainless steel heat exchanger is made of more than 300 stainless steel pipes. The separator and the casing are composed of vacuum brazing; the stator ring of the 12th and 13th stages of the JT8D engine is made of vacuum brazing from the inner and outer rings and dozens of blades.
Vacuum brazing electric furnace is the main brazing equipment in the manufacture of aero-engines. There are more than 200 vacuum brazing furnaces in China.
Construction Machinery: Vacuum brazing is an example of small bits. Small and medium-sized bits are widely used in metallurgy, geology, coal, water conservancy, railway, military and other construction projects. According to statistics, in 1978, the country consumed about 10,000 small and medium-sized bits, but now it is used more and plays an important role in the national economic construction.
The products are used in hundreds of mines across the country. The drills produced by the institute have also been tested dozens of times in the Dumiao Iron Mine, Xiangdong Tungsten Mine, Nanjing Meishan Iron Mine, Hongtoushan Copper Mine, and Huatong Copper Mine. Different types of ore have been drilled, and they have withstood the test of hard granite, hard-to-cut horn rock and hard and abrasive massive magnetite skarn. The cross-shaped drill head of φ42mm and the same type of drill bit in Sweden are used to compare the drilling of granite in the field. The average service life is over 100m, which reaches the level of the Swedish bit. According to the survey, the service life has been increased by 1 to 1.5 times. Brought significant economic benefits.
Vehicle and vessel transportation: Vacuum brazed plate-fin oil cooler is used in vehicles and ships. The plate-finned oil cooler has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and light weight. It is a new generation of diesel engine coolers and has been widely used in automobiles, tractors, marine diesel engines and other fields.
There are only a few manufacturers of such plate-fin oil coolers in China, and they are all welded with silver-copper alloy. Each unit consumes 150 grams of silver. The cooler made of silver-free copper vacuum brazing process is not only a country. It saves a lot of expensive silver and has good air tightness. The brazed product is tested by air pressure of 10kg·f/cm2 without leakage and leakage. It has high cleanliness and good surface gloss. It is used on diesel engines. The thermal performance reached the specified index of the t· diesel plate-finned water-cooled oil cooler issued by the Ministry of Machinery Industry. It was immersed in water for 115 hours, and the surface was free from rust corrosion, which greatly reduced the production cost.
A new type of alloy (CF series) for vacuum brazing automotive heat exchanger fins has been produced in large quantities. This new CF series alloy is an alloy consisting of 0.2 to 0.3% calcium in aluminum, zinc and manganese. It can be used as a heat sink for heat transfer, and the new alloy improves corrosion resistance and service life. According to interest rates, aluminum materials for automotive heat exchangers and aluminum alloys for heat exchangers will play a role in promoting. Now, there are more than 20 vacuum brazed parts on a single car. It can be seen that vacuum brazing technology has a great effect, good effect and wide application.
Air separation equipment: The heat exchanger is mainly used for the preparation of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases. In the past, the plate-fin heat exchanger was mainly made by salt bath dip soldering. This process technology not only has large energy consumption, complicated process, but also strong corrosiveness, serious environmental pollution, high production cost and low product life. Vacuum brazing has many advantages over salt bath brazing, so the trend is that vacuum brazing will replace salt-soluble brazing. In the same year, the first vacuum brazed turbine oxygen compressor impeller was tested at the three speeds of 14500, 16000, and 18060r/min, and the overspeed three-minute test was carried out. Only one blade with poor brazing quality was found to be unsewed, and the rest were Still good, the entire impeller is still intact.
The success of the vacuum brazing impeller greatly improves the manufacturing precision of the narrow runner of the plant, thus not only ensuring the design performance index, but also reducing the manufacturing cost, and also shortening the production cycle. The actual fabrication of vacuum brazing impeller technology will play an important role in promoting the technological advancement of China’s air separation equipment industry.
Petrochemical: Widely apply vacuum brazing to manufacture floor-fin heat exchangers in petrochemical industry, for example: (1) petrochemical refinery gas recovery; (2) separation and recovery of natural gas and coke oven gas; (3) days Liquefaction of gas and petroleum gas. The plate-fin heat exchanger has the advantages of large processing capacity, good separation effect, low energy consumption and high purity. Therefore, all countries in the world attach great importance to the development of vacuum brazing plate fin heat exchanger technology.
Other aspects: vacuum brazing technology for locomotive radiators, compressor intercoolers, freon and alkane, olefin refrigeration systems, excavator oil coolers, gas turbine regenerators, high power transformer radiators, and household appliances Applications such as vacuum brazing for home air conditioners and heat exchanger core strips for various heaters.